Don’t know about trees falling in the woods, but a tree falling on a car? DEFINITELY makes a sound.

Last night, around 6:30pm, a thunderstorm rolled into Winnipeg. Aarron and I were playing some video games/being lazy on a Sunday night when the storm really started raging. We were on the porch marveling at the rain when a tree split in half and landed on Aarron’s car. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the cracking sound it made before it crashed to the ground.

There were downed trees all over the city – a tornado took out a house in St. Laurent, over 700 people without power across the city for over 12 hours… And now, Aarron’s car is a bit of an internet celebrity, lol.

My favorite part was how many neighbors came out of their houses, making sure no one was hurt (at first), and then taking picture after picture until the sun went down… At which point, people were still checking out the tree with flashlights.

The family in this van, with baby and little girl in the back, had just gotten back from a daytrip, had JUST parked their car. The dad was about to run into the house to get raincoats when he saw the tree falling, and slammed the door. Thankfully, their van was only hit by the tree’s uppermost branches, not the trunk, and aside from some frightened tears, everyone inside was OK.

As for Aarron’s car? It was just a flesh wound! Could have been so much worse.

It was a pretty epic way to end a weekend, really. Happy Monday, regular posting to resume tomorrow.

Photos taken by Aarron from FOATography!