How to DIY a scarf without even trying.

Sunnies: F21; Earrings, Aldo; Scarf, Fabricland; Jeans Jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton (thrifted from the Ruby Slipper Vintage); Cream button-front shirt, Sirens; Mini skirt, Mango; Oatmeal tights, the Gap; Platform loafers, Schutz.

This is a post about the time I decided to get my craft on. I said to myself: Self, you are a creative woman. Let’s make something! Anything!

Having planned on making on of Natasha’s mullet skirts, I’d already purchased some fabric from the ├╝ber discount section of Fabricland. A black with white polkadots fabric, and this sheer taupe fabric. I started playing with the polkadot fabric, and threw the taupe over my shoulder. As I was folding, draping and wrinkling the polkadot fabric, I happened to glance into the mirror.

And, lo! Without even trying, I made a gorgeous sheer taupe scarf. I took the fabric, folded it into a triangle, and wrapped my new scarf around my neck. Perfection, is it not?

Photos by Aarron.

Back Alleys (My Fav Photo Spots)

Large wooden bead necklace, Suzy Shier; White button-front; Gregory; Navy sweater, H&M; Scarf (worn as a belt); stolen from my mother’s closet; Skirt, Renner; Tights, Joe Fresh; High heeled loafers, Schutz.

Some of my most favorite outfit shots have been taken in Winnipeg back alleys and parking lots. There’s something about them: spare, desolate and 100% Winnipeg.

My love of back alleys go beyond how much I like them for photoshoot locations. I have many fond memories of my brother teaching me how to throw a snowball, pushing my mom’s Camero Z28 when it would get stuck (every other day), using the alley as a shortcut to Stephen & Andrew’s, a local gourmet grocery store that used to be the only place in the city where you could find Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion. But mostly, I like them for photoshoots.

Like Kasmira from What I Wore 2day, my preference is a gritty, (sub)urban landscape for photoshoots (Kasmira just likes the “urban,” back alleys in Winnipeg, even if they are in the city center, always look suburban, somehow… suburban and trashy). Back alleys always fit the bill for gritty. I also appreciate that it is really easy to frame yourself in a back alley. Standing in the middle of a road or walkway is the best way to frame your outfit and make yourself the obvious focus of the shot.

Photos by Aarron.