Chartreuse from top to bottom



Sunnies and tee-shirt: Gap; Necklace: Brazilian (imprisoned, female) artisan; Skirt: My Mother’s Closet; Sandals: Aldo

Ok, ok, ok – it isn’t QUITE sandals season, but I don’t care. My toes were free! It was (chilly but) glorious! I also refused a sweater, because… Sun! Blue skies! Bare arms! … and it was also a bit too chilly without a sweater, but again with the not caring.

Chartreuse is one of my favourite colours – this skirt is one that I inherited from my mom last year, and it comes with a matching top. Together, I can’t pull it off, so I wear one or the other. My mother, on the other hand (who is cooler and more stylish than I will ever be), looks incredible in the outfit as it was intended to be worn. I make due with a matching necklace and sandals.

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