Vintage Gold, Big Hair

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Necklace: Boutique 1861; Bracelet: My Granny’s; Blazer: Reitmans; Tank top: American Apparel; Jeans: October Boutique; Boots: Town Shoes.

So, first, I love my hair big and bouncy like this. Easiest hairstyle ever, no joke. My friend Bambi always has amazing curls in her always fab do, and she shared her secret with me!

Result? Big, bouncy, beautiful hair – and in my case, a little Farrah (and I have no problem with that).

I’m so happy with my necklace/bracelet combo. I don’t know how I found Boutique 1861, maybe form a promoted ad, maybe from a friend’s RT on Twitter, but I’m thrilled that I did. My bracelet belonged to my granny, who passed away last January. This piece – along with all her jewellery that is now in my possession – is an incredibly cherished piece of jewellery, and it is in pretty heavy rotation. I was browsing on 1861’s website, and on a lark, decided to check out their vintage jewellery.

Lo and behold, I found the matching necklace to my grandmother’s bracelet! Now, I pretty much never want to take it off, and my goal is to incorporate it into as many outfits as possible.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Gold, Big Hair

  1. So glad you got it to work for you — looks awesome! You’re rockin’ it for sure!

    Your jewelry is stunning. I’m not a fan of gold on myself, but it definitely suits your skin tone very well. And what beautiful vintage pieces!

    Have you ever checked out out Zulily (online)? I often see things there and think ‘oh, I know *exactly* who that would look amazing on…’ heh. They have monstrously huge sales often. Worth taking a peek!

    • I love this hair style so much! I’ve never really been much of a gold person, but over the last year I’ve really started to enjoy it.

      I’ve never checked out Zulily, but I’m gonna now! I love… stuff, lol.

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