Nothing exciting to see here, but I like it anyways

Damned you, pinched nerve. I’m ready to leave this part of my life behind me. Not a fan of needing to be careful, even in my sleep. In other news, it isn’t a fancy, special or exciting outfit, but I liked it and felt good all day. Not much else to say other than that. Well, other than the top was staticky, which was annoying, but wearing tights with a skirt with no slip underneath is way more annoying that a moderately clingy top, so I dealt with it.

Do you have any: “Ack, my clothes are staticky and I’m at work!” fixits? This enquiring mind would LOVE to know.

P1110294 P1110297


Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages Edmonton; Blazer, Aritzia; Button-front top, Old Navy (on sale, to boot); Jeans, Suki Silvers from October Boutique; Boots, Town Shoes.

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