How to dress like your favorite cocktail.

Sunglasses, F21; Necklace, Arezzo (Brazil); Sweater, Esprit; Tank, lululemon athletica; Shorts, Enjoy (Brazil); Sandals, Aldo.

Fun fact: in many of my head-to-toe outfit shots, I am about to fall over. I’m sure that says something about my blogger poses.

The last time I wore these shorts, I styled them very casually, and suggested a pair of pumps and a summer weight blazer to create a work appropriate look. This time, I wanted something that was still on the casual side, but polished and pulled together. I opted to keep the sweater and accessories monochromatic, wanting something bright and cheerful that wasn’t riotous or twee.

Actually, what I wanted was to dress like a caipirinha – lime, cashaça, sugar and ice. What do you think? Did I capture the look of my favorite cocktail?

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!

5 thoughts on “How to dress like your favorite cocktail.

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really love your style. I had no idea it was so warm in Winnipeg (as a fellow Canuck I feel a sense of shame for not knowing that!). I’m curious about something – I noticed you wear a lot of stuff from Brazil. Are you from there? Do you just travel there a lot? Apologies if this has been talked about before.

    • Hi Dorothy! My parents have lived in Brazil for 16 years this upcoming October. I go down as often as I possibly can – partly because Brazil is awesome, partly because I miss my parents and partly because then I get the chance to raid my mom’s closet and shop from Brazilian artisans… Oh, and buy shoes. Brazilian shoes are the BEST.

      Thank for saying hi!

      • Cool! I have a very good friend from Brazil and she has mentioned the utter awesomeness of the shoes there! I will hopefully be going there to visit soon.

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