Finding the right match: denim shirt and breezy skirt.

Sunglasses, F21; Necklace, Something Unusual (gift); Denim shirt, Shoulder; Skirt, Brasília’s Hippie Fair; Shoes, American Eagle for Payless.

Finally. I figured it out!

The last time I wore this skirt, I really struggled with what to wear with it, and wound up deciding to hide the shirt I’d chosen under a jeans jacket. With that in mind, this denim shirt practically picked itself.

I also looked to a wrap-skirt expert, the lovely Chelsea from Bright Side Dweller. She has several of the wrap-skirts, and she nails the styling of them every single time.

I really like how this look turned out. And am I ever glad that I “borrowed” this shirt from my mom (she doesn’t know I have it, so let’s keep it on the down-low… Mom, if you could just forget the last sentence I wrote, that would be AWESOME). I’m really surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying wearing double denim. Denim shoes with denim anything is a great way to wear denim on denim without feeling like you’re rocking a Manitoban Tuxedo, I’ve discovered.

In other news, I’ve been helping to launch a local sports show, and we have our first one up and on the air (and by air, I mean internet)! I’m really proud of what we’ve created, and can’t wait to see it grow. Read more about the show and the hosts (the legendary Scott Taylor and Curt Keilback) on!

In other other news, CBC has just announced their decision to air an alternative Stanley Cup hockey commentary by While the Men Watch, a pair of women who provide alternative – female focused – commentary on hockey games. Many people on The Internet think it is sexist, as it implies that women either aren’t interested in sports or can’t follow the “men’s” commentary, because that commentary isn’t about shoes or hair. Or, that women can only be interested in sports if the commentary is on how hot a player is, or what the coach is wearing.

Wait, did I call that commentary? I meant to call it gossip.

My initial feeling is that it is insulting, patronizing and sexist. Another part of me is telling me to reserve judgement until I actually listen to what they have to say. CBC has been defending their decision, and maybe I’ll find their “commentary” adds something to the sports experience. Likely I won’t.

I’m interested in your thoughts on this alternative commentary. Is it sexist? Filling a niche? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Photos by Aarron of FOATography!

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