You can ring my Princess Joan of Alderaan

Earrings, gift from my Aunt; Necklace, gift from cousins; Dress, purchased from a random mall kiosk that sells Happy Beckoning Cats; Shoes, Aldo.

A day in which your outfit is compared to a) Joan of Arc, b) Princess Leia of Alderaan, and c) a bell, is a good day.

I found this dress at a mall kiosk. I walked by and saw this item on a mannequin amidst a slew of Happy Cats. I fell for it instantly, because it reminded me of a dress version of my grey lululemon wrap cardi, and I knew I had to take it home with me.

I asked the sales clerk if this dress was available in other sizes, and she said no, one size. I asked her if it was the last size left, or if it only came in one size, or if that meant it was one size fits all… She replied that there was one size. Despite the lack of the answer I was looking for, the detail on the sleeves convinced me to take a risk, and buy it anyways, especially since the clerk reassured me that I could return it if it didn’t fit.

But then she ripped off the tag, and forgot to put my receipt in the bag. Happily, the dress is perfect, and I’m a ringer for an intergalactic warrior princess from the Middle Ages with a direct line to God. Win win.

Photos by Aarron!

3 thoughts on “You can ring my Princess Joan of Alderaan

    • I’m so incredibly thrilled I found it! It’s so great, I really think it would be crazy flattering on anyone – I mean, the space princess look is really very universal!

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