I’m a freaking rainbow inside.

Cardigan, Shoulder; Necklae, Desart; Dress, Cori; Sunnies, Street Vendor in NYC; Boots, Locale.

After realizing that I was in a rut yesterday, I attempted to go outside of my brand new comfort zone by wearing a really bright colour. I’m the marketing manager for downtown bar, and it is very rare that the staff wears anything but black. I tend to wear a little bit more black since I started the new job, occasionally pulling out a flash of citron here, a touch of eggplant there (incidentally, citron and eggplant make for a gorgeous colour combination and side-dish), but I’ve been keeping my brighter pieces under wraps.

Enter the cardigan. Really, there’s nothing too spectacularly different about this outfit in comparison to, say, this one. But, because the cardigan is a bright, cacophony of a print, it attracts attention.

Point in case, as soon as one of my bosses walked into the office, the first thing he exclaimed was: “Well, someone is colourful today.”

I instantly replied: “I’m a rainbow inside!” (FYI, this received a blank stare and half a laugh). But I love injecting my wardrobe with brights, and I’ve cut myself off from a good portion of my wardrobe because I’ve deemed them “too bright” for my job right now. Which is ridiculous. If I want to wear brights, I’m going to wear brights, black be damned (or accented, as the case may be).

Photos by Aarron!

5 thoughts on “I’m a freaking rainbow inside.

    • It’s one of my favorites for sure! And I NEVER would have worn it in the first place if it hadn’t been for your Blackout week two years ago – so thank you for introducing me to my current cardi lovah!

    • Isn’t it wonderful? It was “gifted” to me by my mother… And by “gifted” I mean that I took it from her closet without telling her until we were on different continents, lol. There are kanji on the back, too.

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