RSPAC: Walking on Water (Now with more yoga!)

lululemon athletica items:

Run: Jet Pullover in Alarming (no longer available, current model here)
Black Cool Racerback (available here)
Grey Pique Wunder Under Pants (same style and fabric, different colour here)

non-lululemon items

NYC Street vendor hot pink faux-Wayfarers
Hippie fair artisan feather earring
Sarong, worn as a scarf, from a beach vendor in Bahia
Buffalo, by David Bitton Jeans Jacks from The Ruby Slipper Vintage
Town Shoes boots

For this week’s Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge photoshoot, Aarron and I took to the frozen river. I was really craving colour, colour, COLOUR with this outfit, especially to contrast with the bright white snow. I started building this outfit with the brightest item of lululemon I own, my Run: Jet Pullover in Alarming Orange, a super soft pullover designed for running. I love it for its softness and its brightness. When I wear it running, you can see me coming from miles away.

I was originally going to wear my yellow Renner scarf with this outfit, but stumbled across this sarong from the Praia do Forte in Bahia, Brasil. Designed to look like Bahian lembrança ribbons, this sarong is such a riotous collection of colour, I’ve never considered it as a scarf before. Sometimes, really bright, busy prints work as the lodestone for a bright, busy outfit. This particular scarf looks best surrounded by a variety of incredibly bright colours, so I added the sunglasses and feather earring, just to pull everything together.

Yoga on a frozen river is a treacherous and fun experience. My inner thighs hurt like crazy, because I had to engage my thighs to keep from slipping into the splits. Worth it for the nearly unbroken expanse of white snow, though. My city is pretty (awesome).

Photos by Aarron!

14 thoughts on “RSPAC: Walking on Water (Now with more yoga!)

  1. first of all, this is a dynamite outfit. LOVE the sarong as scarf and all those lovely bright colors. also, frozen river yoga? you = bad ass. great pics, woman!

    • It was a bit creepy, but there’s a mini rink nearby with real hockey players on the ice, so I was fairly confident that mine and Aarron’s weights wouldn’t cause the ice to break and us to fall into the frigid depths, lol.

  2. Love this series of photos! The bright colors are fantastic. I’ve never really thought of athletic wear being chic at all… but you’re definitely making it work.

    Yoga on a frozen river? Definitely bad ass but I will continue to do mine (awkwardly) in the living room!

    • Thanks, Nicole! There’s nothing quite as much fun as wearing lots and lots of bright colours!

      And I love awkward living room yoga! I do it all the time… Sometimes, I’ll even create a faux-yoga studio feel… Incense, candles, plinky plunky music… Doesn’t make the yoga much less awkward, though!

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