Digital? I’m all about the analogue, suckers.

Earrings, Out of the Blue; Military inspired jacket, Shoulder; Tie-waist cardigan and bag, lululemon athletica; Purplish rose blouse, Banana Republic; Velvet skinnies, Suzy Shier; Boots, Locale.

This outfit was created using a combination of train of thought and sartorial Indiana Jones style relic hunting. It went something like this:

“I really want to wear my velvet skinnies today. I wish I had a coloured blouse to wear with them. Maybe something in pink… Oh, wait, I stole a Banana Republic blouse from my mom this summer. Sweet! I wish I had a a blazer that wasn’t black. Why are my blazers black or black with stripes? I wish I’d done laundry, I’m sure I have some kind of a cardigan that would work with this shirt and these pants. Why didn’t I figure out my whole outfit before putting on the shirt and pants? I’m too lazy to take them off now, so I’d better find something that works.”

I proceeded to crawl around my room, harrowing though it was, and found a pile of clothing laundered pre-Ottawa. I dug through the neatly folded, but soon-to-be strewn about the room, pile of clothing, finally coming across this dark purple bamboo knit cardigan from lululemon athletica.

“… This could work …”

I put on the cardigan and its addition made the outfit sing. Adding it created an analogous colour combination (man, I miss the ‘chics) of navy, dark purple and purplish rose. The texture of the cardi, a knit bamboo waffle weave, added a subtle touch of luxe funk to the silk and velvet already present. Top it all off with my trusty cognac boots (now with less mud and grime!), and I had the most subtly luxurious daytime outfit I have ever pulled together.

Outfit pics taken by Aarron.

14 thoughts on “Digital? I’m all about the analogue, suckers.

  1. Hi,
    Was just browsing through the your website by googling “winnipeg tights” and landed on your Jan 26,2012 article.
    You’re simply looking great. Are you in Winnipeg?

  2. I was at UofM faculty of Science.

    Back in those days, if I can recall correctly the bartenders are Mick and Owen. But I think they are gone now. When I left, they were just renovating Toad on Main Street.
    Have you been to Toad on main?, do they have pics on the wall?, perhaps you could get a glimpse of me, I was told that they would hang my pic on the wall since I’m a regular with an asian feature guy there. 🙂

    • Thanks, Joie!🙂

      I used to HATE purple, and would refuse to wear it. Very glad I go over that, lol.

      And crap, I forgot to send you my home address, I’ll get that to you asap!

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