How to have that “PJ Feel” without having that “PJ Look.”

Scarf, Etam; Tee shirt, lululemon athletica; Blazer, Luigi Bertoli; Skirt, Winners; Heels, Arezzo.

To wear an outfit that feels like you are wearing a pair of PJs, you must choose clothing that inspires that same feelings as PJs do. You just have to investigate what it is that you love about your pajamas, and then find those same things in items you already have in your wardrobe. My outfit felt JUST like I was wearing pajamas all day long, but I certainly didn’t look like I was wearing them all day long.

All my PJs have elastic waist-bands, making them comfortable and stretchy no matter which position I am in (I am a sleep contortionist). This maxi skirt is jersey knit and the waist is elastic. No matter which position I am contorted in, I am comfortable and covered in this skirt. And even though the skirt is made from very casual fabrics, the length, drape and movement of the skirt elevate the look of the garment, allowing me to dress it up and down, and increasing the versatility of the skirt to the max.

This tee shirt from lululemon is soft. Super soft. And a major part of the “PJ Feel” is extreme softness. Flannel and fleece and soft cottons all feel amazing against your skin. Choose a top that is made from an extremely luxurious or super soft fabric – think cashmere, pima cotton, silks, merino wool. Ensure the top isn’t tight, rather choose something that skims over your body, providing maximum comfort with minimum schlepp.

Warmth is also a huge part of the “PJ Feel.” The best thing about my favorite jammies is how warm they are, how putting them on feels like I am wrapping myself in a thick blanket. To capture that feeling of enveloping warmth, I decided to wear a boyfriend blazer and a soft cashmere scarf. The boyfriend blazer, being slightly oversized, is enveloping, and the cashmere scarf felt like a soft blanket, pulled up right to my chin.

Finally, all PJs need a touch of ridiculous. Some of my favorites have reindeer on them, are bright green, or are bright pink flannel polkadot sleep shirts. They’re a little bit ridiculous, and that makes them even more awesome. My ridiculous item with this outfit wound up being the shoes – who wears stilettos with PJs, after all?

Awesome people, that’s who.

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