How to wear dayglo orange without tapping into hunter-chic.

Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages; Scarf and Navy sweater, H&M; Dayglo orange tank top, lululemon athletica; Navy velvet pants, Suzy Shier; Boots, Locale; Rose Ring, Out of the Blue.

I don’t put too much preplanning into my outfits. Normally my haphazard approach to dressing works out well, and I leave the house not looking like a fool. Sometimes, I make an outfit that looks terrible, but sometimes… I stumble upon an amazing outfit surprise! I had no idea how bright a near-neon colours can look when compared against darker colours.

Check out the blinding dayglo orange safety stripe! While dressing, my instincts were to go for a red layer, maybe cognac or tan, to best compliment the stripes in the scarf, but I don’t own much in the way or red. All I knew was that I wanted to wear at least one bright colour and my velvet pants (or, as I’ve started calling them: my leg sweaters… OK, I’ve not been calling them that, but I think I’m going to start). In my section of clean clothing, I could only find this tank from lululemon (I call it Dayglo Orange, but the ACTUAL, TECHNICAL lululemon colour name was Electric Orange). It certainly fit the bill for “bright colour,” and happily, it worked with the scarf and complimented the navy.

Granted, this was in the darkness of my bedroom. Once I stepped outside into the daylight, the tank top jolted to life, and it became impossible to ignore, even when I was walking around town in my caterpillar jacket.

Photos by Aarron!

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