The skirt that made me feel like a “real” Style Blogger.

Scarf, Renner; Sweater, Joe Fresh; Skirt, Anthropologie; Boots, Locale.

This skirt (along with a ruffled sweater vest and a lace tank) was my very first Anthropologie  purchase. If you read even a handful of style blogs, you’ll find that Anthropologie is one of those stores. Style bloggers love Anthropologie. Adorable prints, bright colours, tongue-in-cheek pieces… It’s the style blogger’s apparel mecca/source of inspiration to many.

When I brought this skirt home, and wore it for the very first time, I remember thinking to myself: “Now you are a real style blogger, Becca.” Not just because I owned a skirt from Anthropologie, but because it is a Style Blogger Skirt. And recognizably so! Full skirt, pockets, bright in your face print? Yeah, that’s a style blogger skirt alright.

The most exciting moment for me was realizing, a few months after I brought my skirt home with me, that Style Blogging veteran Miss Vinyl Ahoy owned this exact skirt. And then? She swapped it with another blogger. Holy crap. Skirt? Meet style blogging klout.

Self? Meet style blogging smugness.

If you’re a style blogger, did you have a “NOW I feel like a style blogger!” moment? What was it? If you’re a reader, not a blogger, is there anything that is super “style blogger” to you? Poses, pieces, places?

13 thoughts on “The skirt that made me feel like a “real” Style Blogger.

    • Definitely! It made a huge difference in how I dressed myself… And also inspired me to wear clothing that I hadn’t touched in years. Style blogging has inspired me to dress with imagination!

  1. it is a truly gorgeous skirt! you should feel smug too, its fab!
    i dont think ive had a “im a fashion blogger” moment yet… i often wonder.. how do they do it?! lol… but i try me best😀

    • Thankfully, I have a system that allows me to be outside for pictures for less than a minute, and still gets me enough pictures to choose from…

      The big problem is not getting steam in my face in all the pictures, lol.

  2. I adore you! That skirt is fabulous (not just because I also own it), and I really love how you wore it. You’re reminding me that I need to wear it again.
    Thanks for calling me a veteran! That really made me smile.

  3. That skirt is fantastic – the colors, pattern, and all the tiny buttons! My bank account is happy that Anthropologie doesn’t make plus sizes because that place is dangerous.😉

    I can’t say that I’ve had a style blogger moment… though I have had a few opportunities to meet people who say they’ve been inspired – that might have been a moment? Even though my first impulse was to laugh…

    Super style blogger = poses. I mean, we all have our poses and faces (okay, at least I do – despite my best efforts to deviate) but there are just some that are so awkward and frequent that it is hysterical!

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