Xbox Avatar Monthly Outfit Post

I’ve found that I change my Xbox Avatar’s outfit on average once per month. She doesn’t have much in the way of wardrobe versatility, and the Xbox Avatar wardrobe limitations will push me to the brink of my versatility and creativity in outfit creation.

Huge challenge, that.

How adorable are those yellow and pink zebra-print kitten heel pumps? And rainbow striped gloves? What a fantastic way to make your winter wardrobe a little bit more fun! I’ve really been into the yellow lately, so this mustard cardigan is the perfect layering piece. And these slim fitting jeans are just the perfect pants to wear while hanging out and playing some Bioshock. Damned Splicers.

And also, can we just talk about how awesome this haircut is? Because, I mean really. What a chic little avatar!

2 thoughts on “Xbox Avatar Monthly Outfit Post

  1. Lady, you are such a total geek, and I LOVE it (also loving those shoes)! Makes me wish I had an Xbox so I could make an avatar of my own (and play some Bioshock, and Fable, and Skyrim). The Miis on the Wii leave much to be desired… ;P

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