That’s CELCIUS, friends.

Outfit deets: Sunglasses, F21; Scarf and plaid dress, Aritzia; Cord “necklace,” the waist tie from another sweater; Sweater, H&M; Jeans Jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton; Lace slip, Jones of New York; Tights, Hue; Boots, Groundhog.

I downloaded a brand new app for my Android a few days back. To celebrate 10 billion app downloads from the Android Market, they offered Ten Days of Ten Cent Apps. While I purchased many of these ten cent apps, the one I am referring to above is a customizable weather widget. I’ve been spending some time making the home pages of my phone perfect for my needs the last few days, and I decided to dedicate one entire page to the weather. Before getting ready to leave the house to meet my buddy Style Gent for lunch, I checked the weather, got dressed, and walked out the door, thrilled we were having another day of -3˚C.

As I made my way to the bus stop, I felt a bit more chilled than I should have for -3˚C. I hadn’t remembered seeing anything about a dramatic windchill, I figured I must not have noticed, that windchill must have been the problem.

Until I got onto the bus, and realized that I hadn’t changed my settings from Fahrenheit to Celcius. Whoops! Thankfully, I was mostly fine in my denim jacket puffy vest combination, although shortly after the pictures were taken, I wussed out, and accepted a drive home from my roomie, who graciously offered to save my thighs from getting wind chapped.

The moral of the story? Lace looks cute poking out of the bottom of a skirt!

Photos taken by the gallant Aarron.

5 thoughts on “That’s CELCIUS, friends.

  1. The lace DOES look very cute, and I’m glad you didn’t have to pay for it in frostbite. I’ve definitely gone outside without checking the thermostat at all – once, my legs burned for most of the walk to work, but by the time I got there they felt heavy and numb, like I was wearing 3 pairs of longjohns. Not the best gait I’ve ever had…😉

    • It’s terrible – I think my favorite part is when your legs put off so much heat after you finally enter a warm place. When I lived in Ottawa, I used to walk around in the winter with bare legs all the time… I’m not sure how I managed to NOT suffer more form those silly decisions!

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