I’m bringing peplum back.

Outfit deets: Gold stud earrings, Claire’s; Velvet jacket, Gregory (from 1997); Dress, BCBG; Gold heavy link chain bracelet, Francesca Romana; Ring, Smart Set; Purse, Mexx; Nylons, Joe Fresh; Grey patent leather almond toe pumps, Arezzo.

Roomie Aarron and I went to his company Christmas party on Saturday night. I love this dress. I love this dress. It is unlike anything I’ve ever owned, anything I’ve ever worn, from the colour, to the shape, the neckline… And how sexy I felt in it. And a peplum skirt! One of the main reasons why I adore it so is the peplum skirt. It felt like my tush was wearing a cape. It was very dramatic, in a blue Severus Snape kind of way.

I’m not generally pro-nylons. For the most part, I wear opaque tights or nothing with skirts, but this dress called for some black nylons. I really like how they look in this context. The hint of skin showing through the sheer black adds another bit of sexy to the equation.

My hair was incredibly easy to style, and I adore how it turned out. I watched B. Jones Style‘s Side Bun Swoop (with a side of messy!) tutorial video, and bought – for the first time in my life – hairspray to pull it off. Hairspray is amazing. I’m convinced it can solve all my hair style woes, woes that generally have to do with my hair being too slippery. The Side Bun Swoop (with a side of messy!) is a super easy, effortlessly chic hairstyle, I highly recommend it, for the self-updo experienced and inexperienced alike.

I also have to give a big nod to Aarron, who was easily the most dapper person at his Christmas party. Like last year’s Christmas party, there was a photobooth, but we wound up having a bit more fun taking a few ridiculous outfit shots after we got home from the party than we did taking our pictures in the photobooth… Although, the photobooth was pretty fun.

I am a butterfly bursting out of a cocoon of velvet.

Photos taken by Aarron (except this last one, taken by a timer).

15 thoughts on “I’m bringing peplum back.

  1. You are gorgeous in that dress! What a fantastic color, and oh how I adore a good butt cape. I mean, peplum🙂

    Also… pretty sweet coordination with Aaron. And the black nylons are fabulous!

    • The butt cape, it’s gonna be HUGE!

      I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite this good in a dress. I am going to get so much use out of it, I’m very excited.

      I was pretty pumped that our outfits complimented so well. The pattern on the tie was amazing, period. Just an added benefit that the blue in the tie looked so fantastic with my dress.

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