Your mom killed the Hanta Virus under Miles’s big toe?

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe!

Outfit deets: Earrings, Claire’s; Glasses, Hakim Optical; Blazer, H&M; Button down, Gregory; Cardigan, Shoulder; Antique pressed violets brooch, Christmas gift; Jeans, Seven for all Mankind; Peep toe pumps, Melissa’s by Vivienne Westwood.

This outfit is like a game of style blogging Telephone. First, Daena wore this warm and wonderful combination of corduroy blazer, sweater vest, patterned button up/jeans and colourful shoes that looks phenomenal. Then, Kasmira took inspiration from Daena’s outfit, and wore her interpretation of Daena’s outfit, in cool tones that make her red hair POP! I took inspiration from Kasmira. Like Kasmira (and Daena), I am wearing a bright coloured shoe (these fabulous Vivienne Westwood Melissa’s – first time on the blog), a pair of flared jeans and a cord blazer. Unlike Kasmira (and Daena), but inspired by, I am wearing a plain button down and a patterned cardigan (originally worn on the blog here, before I actually owned the cardigan… took a full year of campaigning to convince my mother that this cardigan was going to be happier in my closet before she gifted it to me, likely just to shut me up). Instead of statement earrings, as in Kasmira’s case, or a statement necklace, as in Daena’s, I opted to wear this fabulous antique brooch (a Christmas gift from one of my best friend’s grandmothers) with REAL pressed violets inside. And as an added nod to Kasmira, I wore my hair inspired by her hairstyle.

Apparently I've forgotten how to keep my eyes open in pictures, but look how pretty Daena and Kasmira are!

Daena, the Telephone Trail Blazer; moi; Kasmira, and her interpretation!

Who is next on the outfit Telephone call? It would be awesome to have a chain of bloggers creating outfits inspired by the last person to interpret the original look. Daena, Kasmira, Rebecca… Who is next?