Drunk-face Horan



Necklace: Handmade by female inmates in Brazil; Dress: Renner; Bracelet: Gift from my bestie!; Purse: Uncle K; Havaiana Flip Flops.

I don’t know why I look drunk in my headshot, but I kind of like it. Sometimes I get WAY to obsessed with having the “Perfect Picture” face, so when something drunken and serendipitous such as the above facial expression happens, I feel that I have to share it. Just like this outtake from this winter.

I struggled with whether or not to take pictures of this outfit as, with the exception of the necklace and bracelet, it looks Almost Exactly the Same as the last outfit I wore in Brazil, down to the purse and flip flops. But that’s life. Sometimes you wear the same thing twice. I think I’m ok with it.

What are your thoughts on outfit repeats on style blogs? Sally wrote about it recently, and I’d never really realized how much I wanted to avoid wearing repeats until I read it from her perspective (is that funny how it works like that?). Anyways. I’m OK with this repeat. This cotton dress has been getting quite a bit of a workout since my mom gifted it to me. Cool, cotton, strapless = all good with me.



5 thoughts on “Drunk-face Horan

  1. You repeat things because they feel good!

    You look kinda tired more than drunk – I’d imagine your drunk face is more smiley.

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