Fashion Flirting with Book Club

Earrings: Winnipeg Folk Festival
Necklace: Boutique in Montreal
Cardi: The Gap
Button up: Joe
Jeans: Ellus
Boots: Rocketdog

Last night I took a break from school work to go to book club. It was quite a lot of fun, lots of laughs, lots of interesting conversation, lots of incredibly delicious food. I was also feeling the prettiest I’ve felt in a while. I think it might be because not only did I WASH my hair, but I also brushed it AND I put on make-up.

It was kind of a big deal.

Fashion Flirting with Overwhelming whelm.

I decided to try my hand at channeling a ’70s vibe, based on the hat. I felt awesome in this outfit, from the shiny gold shoes to the monochromatic look of different shades of earthy olives and warm ambers. I decided item #30 had to be this jacket. I love it, and want to wear it everywhere all the time. It’s a little military, and a lot of awesome.

I wore this on Saturday night to go and see the King’s Speech (and it was lovely and wonderful and touching and awesome and fantastic and you should probably see it if you haven’t), and since then I haven’t made an effort to dress nicely. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work I have to do over the next few weeks, and something has to give. It might wind up being Fashion Flirt – at least for a little while. I’ll probably still do outfit posts, maybe just not as often as I typically do.

Also, I want everything in the Anthro catalogue. GORGEOUS.

Fashion Flirting with Links of the Land

Best use of bow ties ever. Ever.

I’ve been struggling with trying to decide if I just want to fully give up shaving my legs, or keep on keepin’ on with my Gillette. This post may have helped me decide

Despite the fact that I have, quite literally, murdered all but two plants that have come into my home (some bamboo and some mother-in-law tongue… Both well known for being relatively unkillable), I might try to make this surprisingly easy and very chic (not at all “desperately retro”) macrame hanging succulent garden to hang in my kitchen.

Want to know how to be a jerk on Twitter? Are you following me on Twitter? I’m not a jerk on Twitter. Anyways, if you want to be a jerk on Twitter, here’s a list of 5 ways how to be a jerk on Twitter!

I love finding out about different dos and don’ts of table manners from around the world, particularly when they’re a bit odd. The Daily Meal has compiled a list of some of the more interesting table norms from around the world.

iPhone 4 + Canon SLR = iCanon 4.

This is something I’ve struggled with for  long, long time: How to boil the perfect egg.

I live paycheck to paycheck, not something I’m overly proud of, or something I’m interested in continuing. Aside from setting myself a budget that I’ve been sticking to (SHOCK), I’m also going to start implementing this plan from The Kitchn to boost my stored food so that I can eat no matter what life throws at me. Store food for $10.00/week.

This is the best ring I have ever seen. I love it. I love it as much as I love Batman. That’s sayin’ a lot. (via DemíCouture).

Yummy. I feel I need to recreate this egg and avocado sandwich featured on Serious Eats. I love egg sandwiches, and I LOVE avocado. I don’t think this could go wrong in any way.

And this dress might be my new favorite green design.

I want cat lips JUST like these. They are freaking AWESOME.

Fashion Flirting with Friday’s Foibles

FEAK. WEEBLE. Ridiculous. I decided I was too chilled to check the pictures before I left the park (at a run) to go home. I decided that no matter what they looked like, I would feel satisfied with the look of them.

And this is the result. You can’t tell that the dress is ombre, and has two layers to the skirt, black bottom layer, slightly longer than the grey layer on top. But I told myself it was OK, so I’m sticking to it. And I’m OK with that.

I love dressing monochromatically. After surveying the look in the mirror, I decided I needed a pop of colour. Replaced my tortoise shell glasses with my red ones, and popped on the London Blue Topaz ring my mother gave me for my birthday 11 years ago. I had quickly thrown together this handcuff necklace this morning (and I LOVE how it looks, and it was dead easy to do – handcuff charms from TheBootyShop on Etsy, two jump rings and a silver necklace I haven’t worn in forever because the clasp broke… put them all together and VOILA!: awesome necklace), and I originally piled on all my handcuff jewelry, before I realized that maybe it was a bit overkill.

Happy Friday, friends.

Fashion Flirting with backing the eff off, calming the eff down

LAUNDRY! My apartment reeks of clean clothes. I love it.

I’m feeling a bit aggressive today. It all started last night when I let two bitches in yoga steal my peace (I just don’t understand… if you want to chat, go for coffee, if you want bliss and endorphins, go to yoga… don’t mix the two), then while playing nerd boardgames with friends A. and J. I let my inner competitive bitch fly, and was just nasty.

I thought that maybe, just maybe, I was feeling less titchy today, but I was wrong. And then I had a bit of a lesson as to why being aggressive in Winnipeg is sometimes a bad idea.

A few weeks back I watched two sketchy folk throw garbage on the sidewalk about two feet in front of me, and about 10 feet from a garbage can. I considered picking up their trash, marching over to them and giving them an irritated lecture about The State of the Environment, etc. Then, I took a deep breath, picked up their trash and threw it away, keeping my annoyance and irritation to myself. Because sketchy folk are sketchy, and there’s no reason to be nasty with people who might be über nasty back.

This is not to say that I assume all people who LOOK sketchy actually ARE sketchy. However, downtown Winnipeg isn’t known for being the safest place in the city, and there is a large number of super sketchy, and often times dangerous folk, who are members of the Winnipeg community. I don’t assume that everyone who looks like they could be dangerous actually ARE dangerous (just like I don’t assume that all people who look safe ARE safe), but I really don’t want to tempt fate, and wind up with a knife in my gut, or something similar.

Just sayin’.

Today, this mentality was hammered home. Standing in line, picking up some things from the Dollar Store so that I can create a makeshift outlet in my bathroom (I don’t have one of those, so I can’t do my hair in the bathroom, with all the best mirrors and lighting), some random dude behind me was seriously invading my personal space. I bumped into him when I shifted to grab my wallet, and threw a glare back at him. He apologized, but didn’t move. When I shifted again, and he was so close that I bumped into him AGAIN, I whipped around, full of indignation, annoyance and bouncy hair.

“SERIOUSLY? How about you back the eff up, hey?”


You know how cats puff up to seem more intimidating? People do that too. This guy, who was big already, widened his stance, put him arms on his hips and glared at me. The thing that stuck out at me the most, however, were the signs of meth addiction. Dilated pupils, decaying teeth, sores and a faint sheen of sweat over his face.

He snapped at me. Something about not giving him attitude, not being a bitch. I turned around as fast as I could, paid, and got the heck out of dodge.

I stole my peace back, and I think my rage might be under control again. At least for a little while.

A good life lesson? Don’t antagonize the meth heads. They’re scary and their teeth are nasty nasty nasty gross. So. After that lovely mental image, I will counter with a cute picture of my cat.

Fashion Flirting with Change change change

I had an outfit vision. And I put it on. And it was all wrong. So I changed my vision, and tried again.

And again, I was way off base. This was attempt #3 at putting together an outfit with this skirt, and I think I succeeded in what I wanted – and outfit to showcase my pink lips. I style my hair and makeup based on the lovely Jo’s messy side pony tutorial (from Cup of Jo) and Marian Kihogo’s reporting on the pink lip gold eye trend at the Diane von Furstenburg show.

I attempted to take outdoor shots today. The sun is shining, and it is freezing outside. I made it half-way to the park before turning around and giving up. I’ve been reorganizing my apartment like crazy, and I think the antique goat skin run (my cat’s favorite toy and napping spot) works well in front of my messy bookcase.

Fashion Flirting with Blazers, sequins, handcuffs oh my!

This is my happy pom pom hat. Whenever I put it on, I want to dance. On the other hand, when I take it off, it makes me sad faced. Or demented faced. Or something.

Today, everybody is wearing blazers for Everybody EveryWear. I am participating. I’m enjoying the sequined top layered under a sheerish tank more than I am the blazer. I’m not really a blazer girl. But I’ll roll with it for now. Because everybody is wearing a blazer today. And I bow down to peer pressure.

Wait… Eh.