Fashion Flirting with Another 30*30 Pause, Another Christmas Party

When I was younger, my sister-in-law told me how much fun she had attending a wedding as a+1, where she didn’t know any people at the wedding other than her date.  It’s a ton of fun to get to know all these brand new people, and if you get super drunk and make a fool of yourself it reflects more on your date than it does on you, because it is a party full of strangers!

I try to avoid crazy intoxication when I am a +1, but I do enjoy the prospect of meeting brand new people, and not needing to care because really, no one is going to remember who I am by Monday morning.  Guaranteed good times!

Unlike last week’s Christmas party, this time I wasn’t overdressed.  This was one STYLIN’ Christmas party.  I kind of wish I’d thought to take more pictures, to be honest.  There were a few outfits I’m tempted to recreate, actually.  And not only was the party stylin’, but the company rented a photobooth with props for the entertainment of the Christmas celebrants.

Many good times were had.

I wore this dress to my mother’s 60th Birthday party, and the Most Amazing (merino wool) Wrap Ever.  I’m glad I’m getting use out of it (I felt the same way about the yellow dress from last week, actually).  Sometimes you never really know about a beautiful cocktail dress, when the opportunity to wear it again will come up – particularly in heavy satin, like this one.

I feel that it is important to note that the above pictures were taken when it was -26oC outside, and with the windchill, it felt like -36oC. For all you Fahrenheiters out there, that feels like -33oF. I endured, however, because I wanted pictures in the snow.

I am a hardcore, EXTREME style blogger.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Another 30*30 Pause, Another Christmas Party

  1. Yikes! That is beyond hardcore! I didn’t even want to take off my coat when it was 40 F. I know… I’m a wimp. I just moved from Florida! Love the earrings and the purse! (I become fixated on accessories.)

    • Hey, I lived in Brazil for two years – I get it. Moving back to Canada was tough, getting used to the cold took me at least two winters. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t feel the cold any more. Bodes well for my outfit shots, lol.

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