Fashion Flirting with 29+(30*30)=2+15+29+30

ON Day 29 of Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge, I baked up oodles of delicious food, and attended a wonderful Christmas party with wonderful friends.  This was on Friday.

This was the outfit I chose to wear throughout the day.  I had a lunch meeting with a friend, and wasn’t going to have the time to go home and change pre-party.  This became the perfect outfit.

Once I arrived at my friend’s place, I was greeted by one of my buddies – who doesn’t speak English as his first language – who complimented me on my costume.  Didn’t tell me who I was dressed up as, however.  I was kind of sad about that.

It turned out to be perfect for the party, as the hostess was wearing a sequined skirt.  We matched perfectly, and I totally did it on purpose.  Being sequin twins is a lot of fun.

This tank top, my Fabulous Friday item, was a purchase from last year.  I brought it home with me on sale from The Bay – originally somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 or so, I snapped it up for around $10.  I opted to wear it to the same Christmas party last year, but I styled it under a sheer tee-shirt, with a felt cloche, a pair of boyfriend jeans and hot pink lipstick.  No matter the occasion, sequins make me feel giddy and glamorous.  I highly recommend everyone have at least one significant sequined item in their wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 29+(30*30)=2+15+29+30

    • Totally! They’re like … life’s breath to my wardrobe. I’m thrilled that sequins are trendy right now. I love wearing them, I LOVE being surrounded by ’em!

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