Fashion Flirting with Shivers and Shakes.

Earrings: Renner (Brasília…. in 2005?)
Turtleneck: MaraMac (Brasília)
Coral wrap: lululemon athletica
Cuff: gift (it’s antique!)
Skirt: Anthropologie
Ring: Out of the Blue
Shoes: Jump, from Town Shoes

I managed to get in one outdoor picture, and that is it. That is all I managed before my Fight or Flight instincts kicked in and I fled to the radiator heat of my apartment building.

The best thing about today’s outfit is that it is completely not an outfit that your look at and think: “This is something a girl would wear when it is -33oC (with the windchill) outside!”  I received several totally awesome looks while feasting on scrambled eggs and hash browns at my local breakfast eatery.

Fashion Flirting with My Silly (Dumbassed) Forgetfulness.

I left my computer charger in the lab in my department… My locked department. Would you believe that I forgot I own two other fully functional computers in my apartment. I apologize in advance for the photo overload in my dumbass post.

Outfit of Christmas Eve:

Scarf: belt from a dress
Sweater: The Gap
Dress: Cori (Brazil)
Tights: Hue
Shoes (not pictured): Aldo

Winter Wonderland Outfit:

Hat & Wrap: lululemon athletica
Scarf: ebay
Mittens: Out of the Blue
Dress: Joe Fresh Style
Tights: Lupo (Brazil)
Floral Boots: Doc Marten
Necklace: Gift (it’s antique!)
Ring: Out of the Blue

Black Swan Outfit:

Hat: Out of the Blue
Shirt: Sacada (Brazil)
Dress: Aritzia
Boots: Le Chateau
Earrings: Handmade by a friend
Bracelet: BrooklynThread (Christmas gift from a bestie!)

One of the best gifts I received for Christmas this year was a GorillaPod!  I’m so excited to use it.  It has been attached to my camera from the moment I brought it home.  Because it makes my camera look like a robot, I’ve decided to name my camera.  Not sure what I’ll be naming it, but I will be!

Now that I’ve got my iBook up and running until I get my MacBook charger back, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Fashion Flirt posts moving forward!  Hope that the Christmas-specific holidays were wonderful for those who celebrate it.

Fashion Flirting with … Well, I wouldn’t call it a break, exactly.

… More a lack of innovation.

These last few days haven’t included much beyond trucking to the University and analyzing data, expanding my lit review, meeting with my wonderful advisor.  I’ve worn pretty much the exact same outfit every day.

The hat:

The cheer gear Canada toque from lululemon athletica.

The hoodie:

Photo courtesy of Lululemon Addict.

The Remix lulu Hoodie from lululemon athletica with an embroidered “Love” on the arm.

The tee-shirt:

Photo courtesy of

The lululemon athletica 5-year Pima Cotton tee in back and Oasis (no longer available, similar.

The Jeans:

These ones.

The shoes:

My pink Converse All Stars from … forever ago.


I really haven’t had anything of interest to share, so I haven’t.  However, I have some outfits planned from tomorrow and Christmas day.

I hope, thus far, everyone has been having a wonderful Winter Festive Season, and that this Winter Festive Season continues to be wonderful.  Maybe even more wonderful.  I’m OK with that.  Don’t feel pressured though.  You just go and have the best Winter Festive Season you can possibly have!

Fashion Flirting with Handmade Earrings

Not a single accessory was working for me today, so I decided to make my own.  I mentioned yesterday that the leader singer of Invisible Cities had the best outfit EVER.  I first fell in love with her earrings.  So I made a pair.

The best part about these earrings is that they cost less than a dollar each, and I made the pair in less than 5 minutes.  But they’re long, on trend, and I used some tumbled quartz crystal from a necklace I bought in Brazil but have never worn to add a bit of glam to them.

I suspect that many people are going to get a pair of these for Christmas, actually.  Either these or peacock feather earrings (I have several of those as well).

Earrings: Handmade by moi!
Scarf: Mall kiosk years and years ago
Dress: Aritzia
Long Sleeve Eggplant tee-shirt: The Gap
Tights: Buck or Two (of all places)
T-Straps: Melissa
Ring:  Street vendor in Brazil

Fashion Flirting with Link to the loo my darling

You know what I love?  I LOVE big curly hair.  Check out these amazing pictures of gorgeous women and their big hair styles.

Um.  Can we talk for just a second about this Gucci inspired look and how PHENOMENAL it is?  I’m dying of cuteness.

Kendi finishes her 30*30 Remix Challenge with an outfit that is so incredibly gorgeous I might have squealed a teeny tiny bit.

I less than three this calendar so hard it hurts.  How was your day? Calendar, for less than $14.00.  Pictures here, or buy it from the Brigada Creativa Etsy shop.

These pictures are amazing, intense and beautiful.  Over half made me tear up, several made me full out cry.  2010 in photographs, and only part one of three.

I would really like to have a nice long soak in ANY of these tubs, but the second one is my favorite.

When I first read this post I thought to myself: I wish I’d had a party like this when I was 4! Then I started thinking about it and I realized that I would love to have a birthday party like this next year for my 30th!

Diana Eng was one of my all time favorite designers on Project Runway, and she’s continued with her brilliance after the show.  She’s just started selling repurposed leather fortune cookie change purses, and I’m in love.

I’ll admit to being a bit fan of Foie Gras.  I was devastated when I first learned (from PETA) of the unethical treatment of ducks on Foie Gras farms around the world.  Serious Eats was invited to explore the Bella Bella Foie Gras duck farm, and wrote a lengthy and informative post on how the ducks are treated, with extensive photographs and even video footage of gavage (force feeding the ducks).  To be honest, I’d allowed the stories fed to us by PETA and other animal rights groups to affect me so much, I never bothered doing my own research to see if, perhaps, they tales might be sensationalistic and exaggerated.  I’m not pleased I let myself get carried away by those stories (“I’ll NEVER eat Foie Gras again, even if it IS delicious!” etc), but I am glad that I’ve been reminded that there are always two sides to every story, and I need to remember to seek them out.  Mostly, I’m glad that I can happily resume eating Foie Gras without the moral quandary presenting itself with every delicious mouthful.

You know how sometimes you find what you need when you need it?  Such is the case with this post on making it happen by Nubby Twiglet.

Oh. My. God.  Best fridge DIY refurb EVER.  I am so doing this with my fridge.

I love sci-fi nerd Christmas trees more than any other kind of Christmas tree!

Word, yo.  Word.

Fashion Flirting with My Inner Hipster Preppy Je Ne Sais Quoi

I am extremely entertained by each and every one of these pictures.  Hilarious.

Last night’s concert was phenomenal.  The Weakerthans, a local band (John Samson, the front man, was formerly with Propaghandi, left that band to start a cooperative publication company, then started the Weakerthans) had four concerts in a row.  At each concert they played one of their albums.  First concert, first album, second concert, second album, etc.  My BFF L (with whom I jumped out of a plane) and I went to the fourth concert, which was supposed to be their fourth album.

When John Samson came onstage, he introduced himself, talked about the concept of the concert series, then dropped the bomb on us:

Tonight, though, we thought that maybe we would play all four albums, starting with the fourth, ending with the first, and taking an intermission between albums three and two.

It should come as a complete lack of a surprise that the crowd went wild, and we had a three hour and forty minute concert (not including the openers, Invisible Cities, who were awesome … and the lead singer had the best outfit on, with the best earrings…  I’ve been inspired and must find the components to her outfit so that I can recreate it).  It was a bit rough at times, but it was also a veritable musical marathon, where the Weakerthans played their entire freaking repertoire.

Lots of laughs, too.  The one that made me laugh the hardest was this line, with two songs left until the end of the concert:

For obvious reasons, there will be no encore.

Every one was in a phenomenal mood.  Including me.  Great night.

Hat: Zara (Brasília)
Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (Brasília)
Cardi: The Gap
Tunic: Aritzia
Jeggings: lululemon athletica
Socks: stolen from brother
Heels: Arezzo (Brasília)
Necklace: random hippie store
Ring: HS Grad ring