Fashion Flirting with Shopaholicism.

Post-posting on Friday night, my galera and I went out for dinner to Araratuba, our favorite place to dine in Brasília because of the absolutely delicious food and the unique items on the menu.

It really is just a little hole in the wall, in a sea of holes in the wall.  We did the math last night and realized that I’ve been eating at Araratuba for 9 years, and the parentals even longer.

Mom and Armando, the owner of Araratuba.  He joins all his customers at their tables to catch up.  He spent about a half hour drinking wine with us.  It was lovely, he’s hilarious.

We ordered duck, beef in mango sauce, a raw beef dish (that was delicious), some marinated eggplant, and more wine than Dad and I needed to drink.

We were each other’s drinking buddies.  It was pretty fun, especially when Mom took a picture of the two of us, and you can kind of see how both our teeth are stained purple from the wine.

The next morning, my internal alarm clock woke me at 6:30.  I don’t understand why my internal alarm clock doesn’t wake me up at 6:30 when I want to wake up at 6:30, only when I want to sleep in.  Mom and I, once I finally rolled out of bed, lingered over coffee before we decided to get out into the world of party planning and marathon shopping.

Earrings: Harvest Moon Festival (Clearwater, Manitoba)
Cardi/Wrap thingie: Mara Mac (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Circle Scarf: Feira da Lua (Brasília)
Black sheer tank: American Apparel (Winnipeg)
Turquoise tank: Cool Racer Back from lululemon athletica (Winnipeg)
Necklaces: Tiffany Key, Out of the Blue heart and silver bath chain from Aline Guimarães
Jean Shorts: Jacob (Winnipeg)
Bracelets: Black bangel, thrifted; Black Lava Beads, Winnipeg Folk Festival
Sandals: Aldo (Winnipeg)
Purse: Colcci (Brasília, Gifted from Mother’s Closet)

I am so excited about that silver bath chain.  It is the perfect length, similar to the Tiffany chain, and thick enough that it doesn’t look ridiculous with the heart hanging from it.  I had a mental image of what I wanted my Tiffany Key and chain to look like when it was given to me, and the plan was never to wear the key alone.  While I didn’t know that the anatomically correct heart pendant was exactly what I wanted until I saw it, I did know that I wanted a necklace with handcuffs, and that there needed to be three chains and pendants for the look to be complete.  Yesterday, Mom and I went to the Feira da Lua (an artisan fair held in Brasília once a month).  We popped into a jewelery store near where the fair was being held, and they had the perfect chain for my heart… And a necklace with a pair handcuffs as the pendant.  I squealed in excitement, until the girl informed me that they were sold out of the silver.

Serious sad face right here.

However, they plan on bringing more into the store, and she is going to call me when the necklace arrives.  I cannot wait.  Once the handcuffs are around my neck, the chain trio will be perfect.  I’m very pumped.

There were many funny things that took place yesterday.  I found some wicked awesome pieces at the fair (the circle scarf, for example…  Very similar to the circle scarf from American Apparel, at a 1/4 of the price) and two new dresses.  Following the fair, we made our way to the grocery store to buy a few provisions…  I saw something I have NEVER seen before.  So I took a picture.

An entire aisle of vacuum packed meat…  None of which was being refrigerated.  I was completely grossed out.  I’m still completely grossed out.  Icky poo, as my granny would say.

After the meat-incident, we quickly popped over to a mall and I found two hats that I’ve been wanting for a while.  I’m pleased I now have a few more hats so that I don’t wear the same knit beret every single day (as I’ve been doing).

All things told, Mom and I were shopping for 11 hours straight.  It was great.  And now everyone knows why my mother has such a wonderful wardrobe full of wonderful pieces for me to borrow!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Shopaholicism.

  1. Armando reminds me of the owner of a restaurant in Pelotas, a town in the countryside of RS. not only does he sit and talk to customers, but he also sings and sometimes recites poetry. it’s hilarious! the restaurant is always crowded, because everyone wants him to sit with them at least once😀

    • I love that he recites poetry. Armando TOTALLY would if he knew any. Instead he tells completely hilarious stories about being pulled over by the cops, and how he’s a total jerk to them.

      Very funny.

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