Fashion Flirting with Jungle Gyms!

There is a very little park, just a few minutes away from the apartment.  I’ve yet to see children playing there, but I’ve seen a lot of stoners getting high hanging out.  I decided to bring some kid (albeit a big kid) back to the playground.

While trying not to fall off the jungle gym.  I don’t remember the stats (my brain is not for numbers, but other things), however I do recall that jungle gyms accounted for more playground injuries than any other playground structure.

After a very slow climb down the jungle gym, I decided that taking my picture doing something cute and kicky on a tire swing would be a good idea.

Hat: Renner (Brasília)
Earrings: P’lover (Halifax)
Scarf: Feira da Lua (Brasília)
Necklaces: heart and key combo
Tee shirt: 5 yr tee from lululemon athletica (Winnipeg)
Loooooong cardigan: Le Lis Blanc (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc (Brasília, Gifted from Mother’s Closet)
Purse: Colcci (Brasília, Gifted from Mother’s Closet)
Shoes: Aldo (Winnipeg)

Today was Birthday Celebratory Lunch for a very good friend of our, Eduardo.  He and my father are both members of their hospital’s Thoracic surgery department, and became very fast friends.  He and his wife and daughter have become permanent installations in the lives of my parental units – and mine, when I am here in Brazil.

I laughed so hard at this lunch that I had tears running down my face.  That hasn’t happened to me in a long time.  We were laughing about the best language errors we’ve made since we’ve moved to Brazil.  Mom takes the cake with a few doozies.

  1. While discussing a mosquito (in Portuguese they are called pernilongo) problem in the Operating Room, my mother complained to a room full of doctors about her “penis longo” problem.
  2. Once my mom made mention of how she had spent hours washing the floor when our dog Phantom came indoors and tracked mud everywhere.  She intended to share: “Phantom and his four big paws came inside and ruined my floors.”  Paws in Portuguese is “patas.”  Ducks in Portuguese is “patos.”  What she wound up complaining about was Phantom the dog and his four big ducks that came in and ruined her floor.
  3. Instead of inviting some of her functionaries to speak with her privately (em privado), she asked them to speak with her in the washroom (no privada).

Of course, they aren’t actually that big of a deal, but every story that we told was something that every single person in the hospital had heard about, and there were quite a few people who work at the hospital at lunch.  We traded the stories around for a while.  It was grand.

Alas, the food (at least my food) was horrific!  I complained (I couldn’t eat my meal, maybe 1/4 of the food served to me was edible), but they wouldn’t do anything for me other than make me a new meal… after everyone had already been served and 30 minutes had gone by without anyone coming along to check on us.  I’m still irritated, as I informed our waiter that I wasn’t interested in a new plate of food, I didn’t want to eat anything else that they could serve, but that they should remove the meal from our bill.  The server agreed, and then went back on his word when it came time to bring us the bill.

I’ll be calling tomorrow.  If he had of just said no, it would have been fine (well… I would be annoyed, but nothing major), but he said one thing, then did another, and I just don’t think that is very good customer service.

I disapprove.  Unhappy face.

The best thing about today was that my parents and I (each of us dressed in our lululemon gear), went for a nice long walk this morning.

We were extremely Canadian looking as we walked along the Eixo.  Good times.  Was too sleepy/hungover to run this morning, and while I planned on running this afternoon, I found I’ve lost the desire to.  So tomorrow after swimming I will go for my long run, and I’ll just push back my runs by one day all week.  Whoops!

Feel like grooving to some fab French Canadian tuneage?  Check out this vid by Malajube.  I’m loving their music.

Not feeling some French musak?  Try this cover of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems on for size.  Unlike anything you’ve heard before.  Full of wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Jungle Gyms!

  1. LOVE the hat! I’ve never seen these at my local Renner store, only at Riachuelo (unfortunately, they were too small for my head). the only hat I’ve got comes from Buenos Aires, but its print makes it difficult for me to coordinate it with most of my clothes😦 well, I’ll keep trying.

    ah, aqui em Porto Alegre (onde eu moro), a gente chama “mosquito” de “mosquito” mesmo. e quando alguém vem de outro estado e diz “pernilongo”, algumas pessoas fazem graça com o termo dizendo justamente “pênis longo”, hehehehe.

    you’ve got a lovely family🙂

    • I bought one at Riachuelo (same kind of style, but black denim). And I bought that one first. When I same the one from Renner, queria TANTO, infelizemente, estava mais caro … But my mom decided having two hats was perfectly acceptable. Which is good, because the one from Riachuelo is more casual, whereas THIS one I can dress up a bit more.

      And that is super funny, about the “pênis longo” versus “pernilongo” in Porto. Eu quero ir para Porto Alegre. Não conhenço o Sul do Brasil muito bem.

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