Fashion Flirting with The Body of Christ (aka Corpus Christi)

Today is a Brazilian holiday.  “Everyone” has the day off (as in, people who aren’t in the service industries), including the parental units.  We slept in (there was a rave across the street that was still going on when my alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, so I went back to sleep… somehow it just seemed wrong to get up and go for a run while people were still partying), and had a lazy morning of breakfast, coffee and quiet conversation about everything and anything.

Earrings: Gift (Winnipeg, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet… She’s had these earrings for longer than I can remember)
Dress: Enjoy (Brasília, Gifted from Mother’s Closet)
Bracelets: Desart (the circle bracelet; Winnipeg), Aldo (gift from me to Mom, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Purse: Colcci (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Shoes: Spring Shoes (Winnipeg)

I went for a 6 mile run around 11:30 or so this morning, and it was amazing.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a run and felt that at ease.  I ran the last two miles of my run at a much increased pace.  I blame the wicked mash-up that came on my iPod.  First I had to stop and boogie a little (because it was that kind of song), and then, once I started running again, I overtook the woman who had passed me a mile back.

Following this, we made our way to the Clube Naval for lunch on a floating dock.  I am to get my sailing certification while I am in Brazil.  Today I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the sailing teacher, a former Olympic sailer.  We discussed the recent tragedy of Brasília – a boat constructed for 6 was filled with 11, and no one was wearing life jackets.  The (drunk) 18-year-old son of the owner of the boat took it out, and two girls – sisters – drowned when the boat capsized.  As a result, the Marine PD of Brasília has been cracking down on boating regulations.  You are not allowed to take out a boat unless you have training and certification.  You also have to be an owner of the boat.  As we were eating, we saw four Marine PD boats puttering around on the lake, looking for trouble makers.  There weren’t very many people out on the lake at all.

The interesting thing about this entire situation is the regulations are being seriously enforced during the day, whereas at night there is a ton of activity, and no one is really doing anything about it.  The accident where the two girls died took place at night, and everyone on the boat was pissed.  It is tragic, for sure, and an increase in regulations and further training for boaters is always a good thing (I do not begrudge taking any kind of sailing certification as it will only be a bonus in my future, not a burden), but I think the accident would have happened regardless.  Kids who want to take a boat out while hammered are going to find a way no matter what.  Teenagers are stubborn, tenacious and sneaky.

We’ll be entering a regatta on Saturday.  I haven’t competed in a boating race in years and years.  I’m looking forward to being on the water, being propelled by the wind, surrounded by the sound of ropes slapping, water lapping and sails flapping.

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