Fashion Flirting with New Distances and Views

Yesterday I was feeling terribly down on myself, and I decided to get over myself and go to the gym to sweat it out.  I was going to swim, then go to the weights portion of the gym and pump iron.  Upon my arrival, I realized I’d forgotten my shoes.  Balls.  Anyways, I remembered my towel, suit, goggles and cap, so I went for a swim.  And I swam the full Ironman distance in under 2 hours.  Thank goodness.  At least I know that I am capable of swimming that distance in the time allowed, even though a pool and open water are totally different beasts.  And now I feel awesome about myself.  Aware of the extra rolls, but pumped that I’m strong, fit and have iron-clad determination.

The rolls, they won’t last long.

This is my favorite way to wear my hair- pulled to the side.  I’ve been making an effort to style my hair into some sleek semblance of shiny healthiness, but post swim, I had no desire to do anything special with the hair.  This ratty, psuedo-beach hair is what happens when I do nothing to my hair.  Pulled into a side-braid, or side-pony always suits the un-brushed, naturally dried wave best.

Sun glasses: Out of the Blue
Scarf: Mercataria, a gift from the maternal unit
Jacket: Poppy Boutique
Black wrap: lululemon athletica
Grey tee (not visible): Le Lis Blanc, from Brazil
Crops: Extend Crops from lululemon athletica
Shoes: Aldo

Another part of my apartment- the giant mirror I inherited when my roommate moved to Vancouver.  The shell curtain is one of the most awesome things I brought back with me from Brazil, although it was also the most challenging.  The shells are heavy.  Thankfully, the curtain itself isn’t wider than the suitcase I was using at the time.

I’m headed to the gym for my long cycle (oh, huzzah, hours on a spin bike, staring at the people on the elliptical trainer, imagining them frolicking through a field of daisies… I even downloaded frolicking music to help me with the fantasy).  I pulled everything out of my bag to ensure that I had everything (shoes?), and decided to do a “What’s in your gym bag?” picture.

We have, going clockwise through the picture:

Bag: Jet Running Duffle from lululemon athletica
Keys on a lululemon lanyard that was scammed off the crew at the lululemon Distribution Center in ’07 when I visited Vancouver for Landmark.  My apartment key is pink leopard print, and is awesome.  My Stafford Street Hot Yoga scan card, and a mini (but empty) Starbucks card.
My gym clothes!  Wunder Under tights, Pirouette bra in Sprinkler, Cool Racer Back in antidote, Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Pullover in Power Purple, all from lululemon (socks and underwear not pictured, but also both lululemon).
Towel: a bamboo baby from … lululemon athletica
Scarf: Club Monaco… just in case I am chilled when I leave the Y.
Hair product: All Aveda products.
Moisturizer: From Tiber River Naturals, the scent is “Naked.”
H-two-Oh bottle: From lululemon athletica (I know, this is shocking, isn’t it).
Shoes: Asics Gel Cumulous and Havaiana flip flops for shower purposes.
Assorted and sundry little things: Lip stuffs (Blistex); Pen; Combination lock; Cards (Safeway club card in case I want food after working out, Debit card, gym pass, bus pass); Cellular device; iPod; Run with Porter pin for inspiration; Bobby pins, hair elastic, safety pins; Sunglasses; make up so that I don’t look like death when I leave the gym (I get under eye circles after workouts).

Of course, on days I swim, I bring a few more things.  And my running attire is a bit different (mostly the bra and shoes).

And now, off to the gym for some moving without traveling.

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