Swap swap swap till you drop!

Yesterday, after a busy 11-hour day, I didn’t have the desire to set up my old system of photographing outfits when I got home from work, and as such, didn’t take pictures of my outfit. Also? My hair looked pretty awesome. All big and curly and wild. I’m really, really into big hair right now.

If you’re wondering, I wore this jacket, sweater and blouse, these jeans and these shoes. Oh, and these earrings.

Due to my lack of an outfit today, I leave you with this collection of photos on The Big PIcture, gathered in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day (commemorating it’s 42nd year on April 22nd), and a reminder that an awesome way to celebrate Earth Day (especially in Winnipeg), is to stop by Take Off Your Clothes being held at the Delta on Saturday, April 21st from 11:00am-4:00pm. Not only would it be all environmental and stuff, but all proceeds will be going towards the Kids Help Phone!

Video game stylin’.

I’ve recently started playing Xbox. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but was sucked in by Portal 2, Rayman Origins, Braid, Batman: Arkham Asylum…

When I first started playing, I didn’t realize that customizing my Xbox avatar was going to be as much fun as it was. There’s a limited number of avatar apparel to choose from, but countless ways to put everything together and have a stylish little avatar. The hair my avatar is wearing right now is the cut I’m thinking about getting, the hat inspired by one I already own, as is the jeans jacket. I’ve been wearing my glasses more often of late, largely because my eyes simply do not want contact lenses in them, so I took out avatar’s contacts, and made her wear her glasses, instead. The skirt and boots (real world versions, that is) are on my wish list.

While my Xbox avatar isn’t sartorially important in the grand scheme of things, every time I see her little digital face and outfit on the television screen, I am delighted and enjoy playing my game even more. Dressing well isn’t just for the real world anymore!

Fashion Flirting with returnification!

*dusts off WordPress account*

Oh, hello!

My, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My little blogging hiatus is coming to an end, because the reason I took a hiatus in the first place is no longer a factor.

IE: I am no longer a graduate student. I am now a graduand (a word my sister-in-law assures me means someone who is between completing all requirements for one’s degree and graduation). Last week I successfully defended my thesis, and today I submitted the final copy to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Department of Environment and the eTheses database for the University of Manitoba.

I cannot even tell you how good it feels to be finished because at this point, I’m a wee bit numb to it all. I’m not really sure where to go from here, what to do next. My advisor gave me some pretty rad advice after we had lunch this afternoon, and I think I’m going to follow it to the letter: “Rebecca, make sure you take some time to party.” And believe me you, I definitely will.

I’m going to have to reconstruct the various Important Outfits of the last 8 weeks or so, whip out my pink Cybershot and GorillaPod and pose my tush off in the back alley. I’m pretty excited to be getting back to normal again after spending a long period of time hunched over my computer, focusing solely on literature, data and revisions.

I’m also excited because I’m starting a challenge. I’ve never really been a lipstick person, and I’m going to wear red lipstick everyday for the rest of this month. No longer in the thick of thesising, but I still feel the need to keep on researching something. We’ll call this the Case Study of Red Lizard, Nars Lipstick. It will tide me over until I get started on publishing some journal articles. Who knows how a coloured lip will affect my sartorial choices?


Fashion Flirting with YOUR Snowday

So, I hear that there are quite a few folks out there suffering from MASSIVE SNOWDUMP 2011. Also known as snOMG!, snomageddon, Snoprah Winfrey, etc.

The last time I took a snowday (OK, truth, it WAS snowing quite a bit outside, but nothing was closed … Winnipeg doesn’t really do that), I spent part of my day doing three of my favorite things: Dancing, Hula Hooping and Rollerskating. Incidentally, I was also freaking out my cat. If I may suggest, dancing, rollerskating and hula hooping are excellent ways to pass the time indoors.

Don’t believe me? Look at how much fun I was having!


Fashion Flirting with Stylistic Assistance

While I was in Nova Scotia back in September, I stumbled across this blue, beaded, sparkly and sheer vintage fancy top. I adore it, as it is equal part awesome and hilarious. The problem is I have no idea how I should style it.  I have 4 fancy-ish Christmas parties to go to, and I have outfits for almost all of them planned, but today I decided I wanted to wear the blue, beaded, sparkly and sheer vintage fancy top to one of them.

So, I turn to you, Style Nation.  How would YOU style this shirt?

I’ll admit, it is a tiny bit tight in the bewbs, but I am wearing very much the wrong (padded, push-up) bra for this.  I have a minimizer somewhere around here.  Also,  for picture taking purposes, I am wearing it layered over a pink tank top.  And how awesome/hilarious is that beaded scalloped hem?

I am stumped, though.  Help, please!