Things I’ve loved on the internet this week.

Tiffany is one of the remixing gurus in the style blogosphere, and she talks about what makes a remixer a remixer instead of a rewearer in this insightful post on sartorial creativity.

Sally looks gorgeous in this chunky knit cardi and flowy pleated maxi – chic, cozy, wintery, delightful!

Galaxy Nails are probably the coolest, most awesome holiday nails I’ve seen to date.

Two lesbians raised a baby. This is what resulted.

What if your Grandma gave you tips on Social Media – would they look anything like these hilariously amazing tips from Grandma?

My city is full of talented, inspiring young people. Earlier this year, Maria Aragon wowed Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and millions of people on the internet with this cover of Born This Way:

Now, she’s the face and voice of a Gap Kids ad:

And now, Sean Quigley has officially wowed the crap out of me with this self-produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and edited music video of a cover of Little Drummer Boy. He’s 16.

Can’t wait to see what’s next to come from the youth of my community. Unreal, these kids are.

Fashion Flirting with Links of the Land

Best use of bow ties ever. Ever.

I’ve been struggling with trying to decide if I just want to fully give up shaving my legs, or keep on keepin’ on with my Gillette. This post may have helped me decide

Despite the fact that I have, quite literally, murdered all but two plants that have come into my home (some bamboo and some mother-in-law tongue… Both well known for being relatively unkillable), I might try to make this surprisingly easy and very chic (not at all “desperately retro”) macrame hanging succulent garden to hang in my kitchen.

Want to know how to be a jerk on Twitter? Are you following me on Twitter? I’m not a jerk on Twitter. Anyways, if you want to be a jerk on Twitter, here’s a list of 5 ways how to be a jerk on Twitter!

I love finding out about different dos and don’ts of table manners from around the world, particularly when they’re a bit odd. The Daily Meal has compiled a list of some of the more interesting table norms from around the world.

iPhone 4 + Canon SLR = iCanon 4.

This is something I’ve struggled with for  long, long time: How to boil the perfect egg.

I live paycheck to paycheck, not something I’m overly proud of, or something I’m interested in continuing. Aside from setting myself a budget that I’ve been sticking to (SHOCK), I’m also going to start implementing this plan from The Kitchn to boost my stored food so that I can eat no matter what life throws at me. Store food for $10.00/week.

This is the best ring I have ever seen. I love it. I love it as much as I love Batman. That’s sayin’ a lot. (via DemíCouture).

Yummy. I feel I need to recreate this egg and avocado sandwich featured on Serious Eats. I love egg sandwiches, and I LOVE avocado. I don’t think this could go wrong in any way.

And this dress might be my new favorite green design.

I want cat lips JUST like these. They are freaking AWESOME.

Fashion Flirting with Lilly livered links

I love Brazil. Brazilians love interesting sinks. In this house in Brazil, there is an interesting sink. Also, in this house in Brazil, there are incredible design elements, an amazing pool, and countless other amazing features. Just GORGEOUS.

Speaking of Brazil, this series of videos, reminiscent of the McDonalds’ H.O.R.S.E. ad campaigns of the early ’90s are freaking awesome. My jaw dropped watching every single trick shot by these footballers (French and Brazilian). Mind boggling. Some people are just really talented.

I don’t know if you know this, but Audi is hot shit. Like whoa. Her outfit for the Edwardian Ball made me gasp, then sigh. Moments later I was in full blown coveting mode, wanting everything from her wonderful hat (that she MADE, check out her Etsy shop to see all the wonderful awesomeness that she makes), to her fantastic hair, to her kick ass Fluevog boots. J’adore.

Can you not just see yourself sinking deeply into this wonderful, plush couch?

I think one of everyone’s favorite things about Twitter is the ability to follow celebrities and experts that you wouldn’t interact with regularly. The problem, sometimes, is finding them. has put together a list of the movers and shakers in the beauty industry on Twitter – from models to plastic surgeons to makeup artists.

OK, ew, this is kind of gross, however also extra special awesome and cool!

Would you wear something alive around your neck as jewelry?

Independent Blogger E-Conference! EEEEEE! I’m really excited about this, actually. It’s going to be awesome, and organized by two of my favorite style bloggers, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Tieka from Selective Potential.

Fashion Flirting with Links o’ Love

There’s something about spending time at the cottage that really helps you to renew and recharge. Curling up with a book, listening to water lap at the shore. This cottage, off the grid, and on an island off the coast of Maine, would be the perfect getaway with a teeny tiny little environmental footprint. Bliss.

This chair is awesome. I especially love the lembrancinhas on the back: the Bahia chair.

Hahahaha. This article makes me love Bikram – the man AND the yoga – even more! And makes me laugh a little bit. I’ll admit my last few classes it has been a challenge to not look for all those Bikram boners!

Ari from Advanced Style (one of my favorite style blogs) advises a young gay man from South Carolina on how to survive – nay, thrive – in the light of bullying. A thoughtful and beautiful piece of advice.

Wanna be grossed out? Check out Serious Eats’ Frog Soup recipe. The pictures of the Frankenfrog definitely had me grimacing! I’d definitely try the soup, though. I like frog. Tastes like chicken, but better.

Would you ever consider cooking meals for your pets?

Need to help the man in your life match his shirt to his tie? Want to learn how to do it for yourself (maybe wearing one of E’s lady ties, for example)? EveryGuyed has put together an awesome How To guide on matching shirts and ties that is well worth the read, even if you don’t have to match shirts and ties.

Fun! I’ve been included in Kimberly’s February Outfit Inspiration Calendar! On February 19, remember to stay warm with a fun hat.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. No, really. I’m sorry. I’m SORRY! Want to know how to apologize better? A quick and easy “How to” on apologizing.

What the world needs to make it a better place is more ukulele. Don’t believe me? Jake Shimabukuro plays “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his ukulele, and it definitely brought a smile to my face.

In fact, if you need inspiration, motivation or something to fill your time, watch to the talks on TED. They’re well worth a listen, and might change your life.

I love this post from Le Love. I’ve had it open in my browser since it was posted, and I’ve reread it at least ten times. I know the feeling described. I think we all do.

Fashion Flirting with a chain LINK fence.

I love black and white outfits, but I always worry about the lack of colour – so when I saw this wonderful black and white outfits with an adorable green flower pin? I swooned in delight.

I love to tweet (are you following me on Twitter, yet?), I love the character limits, the short, effective messages, the absurd hilarity you find, the ability to interact with people you’ll likely never meet. This Amsterdam based company also loves Twitter… so much so they want to marry it! Well, sort of: you can put your favorite tweet on a ring. They’re fantastic. (via Design Milk)

There are many reasons why I subscribe to style blogs in lieu of fashion mags, this is just another nail in the proverbial coffin. Colour me INCREDIBLY unimpressed.

DIY projects are tons of fun, and if well executed, in the style-blogosphere at least, can get you a lot of attention. Popular in Cameroon, these DIY recycled “remote control” toy cars are rocking my world. (via MAKEzine)

Stylish White Female was one of the very first style blogs I started reading. I’ve loved almost every single outfit she’s put together. This ’70s inspired outfit (and I don’t like ’70s inspired looks, mind) is sheer perfection. I love every part of it, and kind of want a pair of red, wide-leg trousers now.

Almost everyone I read who has an iPhone and a style blog, has at one time forgotten their camera and taken their outfit pics with their iPhone. This is a seemingly easy hack for creating an iPhone tripod. And speaking of iPhones, this is an awesome DIY iPhone hack!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I want this skirt.

Speaking of things I’d like, I’m also completely onboard with this S’mores (key)board. Om nom nom nom.

My friends and I really like to play board games. One board game that we really really love to play is called Scribblish. Because it is so very hilarious, because we laugh non-stop when we play, because Scribblish is fantastically awesome, one of those friends started a Scribblish Tumblr, posting our games, and any games that have been submitted. You should check it out.

This is an incredibly useful How To Guide on what to do if you’re having a dinner party and one of your guests has a gluten intolerance.

On a more sombre note, the Big Picture has posted 41 photos of the landslides in Brazil. They affected me quite a bit, partly because I leave my heart in Brazil every time I come back to Canada.

The Kitchn has posted a Weekend Meditation on how to nourish yourself in a time of sorrow that is uplifting and reminds you that even though things can be sad, there is brightness, life and wonder a bit further down the road.

Fashion Flirting with Links!

Oh my gosh.  HILARIOUS and AWESOME.  Rice Krispiehenge.

I struggle with my budget, I struggle with not buying anything.  And here Sara comes to save the day with an awesome flow chart: Orchids in Buttonholes’ Shopping Flowchart.  You better believe I’m printing out this flowchart for regular consultation.

Cylon. Toilet paper. Dispenser. I am so impressed by this! Yes, yes, yes… I am a huge Sci-Fi nerd.

“Honey, I think we should get engaged on Valentines Day so that we never need to spring for a Valentines Day dinner ever again!  You game?”

Do these cupcakes not look like the most delicious and fantastic cupcakes of all time?

This is kind of ridiculous. I’m all for making sure that young children don’t choke to death, but banning a candy outright because of the risk?  Just advertise choking hazard or “3+ only” on the box.  It isn’t like Kinder Eggs have the toys embedded in the chocolate or anything.

In this house I would love to live.

Do you ever feel, as a style or fashion blogger, pressured to know everything about style, about fashion, about designers?  Bryanboy comes up against this mentality at Rio’s Fashion Week – why should he want to be surprised by fashion when he should know it all already?

Hey Mom?  Are you reading this blog, Mom?  If you are, and you feel like your darling, wonderful, sweet and loving daughter deserves a gift, these would be excellent and most appreciated. (via Design Milk).

I love browsing through all pictures from The Big Picture, and this collection of photos of Haiti one year after the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians are no exception.

Are you one of the many wonderful folk participating in Blue Collar Catwalk’s Sweaty Wednesdays?  If you are (or really, even if you aren’t), and one of your goals has to do with running, Ashley from (never home)maker has put together an awesome post on treadmill workouts that won’t bore you to death.

Speaking of Blue Collar Catwalk, Kyla has introduced the Blue Collar Catwalk Collective.  She’s calling for reader submissions of outfits that cost $100.00 or less to create.  Check it out and consider making a submission!  It’s going to be awesome and inspiring to see what budget savvy fashionistas put together.

My friend A. sent this to me.  And I laughed.  Oh, I laughed.

I am so excited for this book to arrive.  SO excited.  I love grammar, and I am a bit of a grammar grump (I broke up with someone once because they didn’t know the difference between they’re, there and their…  there were other reasons, I’m not a complete bitch).

Another link my friend A. sent to me: portraits of bloggers blogging in their blog spaces, Putting Faces to URLs.

I can go on and on about the health benefits of not eating as much tofu as most vegetarians/vegans do (I know, I was there), but I’ve never made the environmental argument quite as succinctly as Emily Ho from theKitchn does.

Looking for funny (and awesome) Valentine’s Cards?  Sew Dandee, a Winnipeg-based Etsy store, sells extremely tongue-in-cheek cards for all occasions, but the V-Day cards are some of their best.