Chartreuse from top to bottom



Sunnies and tee-shirt: Gap; Necklace: Brazilian (imprisoned, female) artisan; Skirt: My Mother’s Closet; Sandals: Aldo

Ok, ok, ok – it isn’t QUITE sandals season, but I don’t care. My toes were free! It was (chilly but) glorious! I also refused a sweater, because… Sun! Blue skies! Bare arms! … and it was also a bit too chilly without a sweater, but again with the not caring.

Chartreuse is one of my favourite colours – this skirt is one that I inherited from my mom last year, and it comes with a matching top. Together, I can’t pull it off, so I wear one or the other. My mother, on the other hand (who is cooler and more stylish than I will ever be), looks incredible in the outfit as it was intended to be worn. I make due with a matching necklace and sandals.

#VolunteerAwards – Feeling a bit Mad Men




Earrings: Estasi; Dress: Banana Republic; Silver cuff: my granny’s; Pumps: Arezzo

I was invited to the Volunteer Awards dinner through work. It was a lovely, inspiring affair, and the dress code called for business casual/cocktail. Made my job easy – just picked a dress that was a touch too fancy for my work place (but that I would totally wear to work), and boom – outfit.

Inherited this dress from my mom, and tonight was the first time I’ve worn it. There’s something extra fun about the first time you wear a garment, isn’t there?

Black, cream and gold… I love gold…






Necklace: Vintage from Boutique 1886; Bracelet: my granny’s; Skull ring: Out of the Blue; Shirt and jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Spring.

Black, cream and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations for an outfit, even when the outfit is pretty simple. My workplace is pretty casual – but I still like to dress up outfits like these. The gold necklace and matching bracelet really help to dress up this look – and the big curly hair helps.

Also, note that this shirt is tucked in. I’m meeting my challenge to tuck more often head on!

Chambray, stripes and some nudie booties





Earrings: Estasi; Necklace: TV Tower Fair; Top: The Gap; Jersey pencil skirt: Old Navy; Booties: Toms.

Yesterday was my blog’s 5 year anniversary. Go figure. I wouldn’t have known if WordPress hadn’t informed me. Happy anniversary, It’s been swell.

Also swell? This jersey knit pencil skirt. I have to employ a technique from my all-girls high school days, and roll the waist band to make the skirt shorter and fit better (I bought it online and didn’t … care? that is isn’t the right fit/size… rolled three times makes it a much better length for me).

Do you have any easy seamstressless tricks to get your clothes to fit you better?




Foatographer always catches me at my best moments in laughter.

The leopard can’t change its spots – and why would it want to?





Leopard earrings and necklace: Poppy Clothing; Sunnies and tunic: Gap; Jeans: October Boutique; Shoes: Tom’s.

When my mom and I popped into Poppy Clothing last summer and my eyes fell on these darling leopard earrings and necklace, I knew I had to bring them home with me – and after wearing them once, I promptly lost them.

When I found them this morning – sitting amidst the hair products I go through daily, btw – I decided to celebrate by wearing this bright, cheerful … “leopard print” spotted top. I’m all about the matchy matchy these days!

Hot pink, black and matching your lipstick to your shirt







Pink top: formerly of my mother’s closet; Chunky vintage silver cuff: my granny’s; Black skinny jeans: Old Navy; High heeled booties: Arezzo.

Oh, date night. I usually stay away from a strong lip on date night, what with the prohibitive kiss-lipstick-transferring issue. Until I realized that this shade looks especially good on Foatographer, and then all bets were off.

I’ve never purposely matched my lipstick to my shirt before, but I think I’ll do it again with pink, red or berry tops.

I’ve realized I’m not very skilled at tucking in my shirts, as I’ve never been inclined to do it before. Finding the balance between billowy and neat has always been a challenge. I now challenge myself to tuck more often!