Chunky silver and a surprise back






Silver pendant: Feira da Lua in Brasilia; Vintage silver cuff: from my granny; Cardigan: Luxe and Charm; Top: RW&Co; Jeans: October Boutique; Shoes: Arrezzo.

I love a surprise back – lace back, sheer back, contrasting colours… This is a pretty tame surprise back (it is a black mesh fabric), but I was feeling pretty monochrome when I woke up this morning, greeted with lots of heavy, wet snow (OK, Ontario folks and Atlantic Canadians, and all the other places with the crazy weather – I’M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. Y’all have had a worse winter that Winnipeg – ok? There, I said it), so I took inspiration from the cardigan, and went all black and grey. Not the most exciting outfit, but it is a fun way to showcase these two pieces of jewellery.

My granny’s collection of costume jewellery that I now have is my favourite source of sparklies and baubles. This heavy cuff is such a fun piece! I’ve never paired it with this pendant, but they both called to me this morning – and when heavy silver calls, I listen.

Yet another successful hairband curl today – I wrapped my hair more tightly around the hairband and when I took it out this morning it didn’t look quite as flattering as I’d hoped – but after a short while, the curls settled down.

Also didn’t realize until just now that you can see my bra through this shirt. Hopefully no one else noticed – but if they did, whatever. It’s a nice bra.

Vintage Gold, Big Hair

20150323_170320 20150323_170334 20150323_170356


Necklace: Boutique 1861; Bracelet: My Granny’s; Blazer: Reitmans; Tank top: American Apparel; Jeans: October Boutique; Boots: Town Shoes.

So, first, I love my hair big and bouncy like this. Easiest hairstyle ever, no joke. My friend Bambi always has amazing curls in her always fab do, and she shared her secret with me!

Result? Big, bouncy, beautiful hair – and in my case, a little Farrah (and I have no problem with that).

I’m so happy with my necklace/bracelet combo. I don’t know how I found Boutique 1861, maybe form a promoted ad, maybe from a friend’s RT on Twitter, but I’m thrilled that I did. My bracelet belonged to my granny, who passed away last January. This piece – along with all her jewellery that is now in my possession – is an incredibly cherished piece of jewellery, and it is in pretty heavy rotation. I was browsing on 1861’s website, and on a lark, decided to check out their vintage jewellery.

Lo and behold, I found the matching necklace to my grandmother’s bracelet! Now, I pretty much never want to take it off, and my goal is to incorporate it into as many outfits as possible.

Feeling ladylike



Sunglasses: Joe Fresh; Button-front and pencil skirt: Old Navy; Pumps: Arezzo

I’m done with pants. Completely, utterly DONE with them. I want bare legs, skirts, dresses…. even if the weather isn’t QUITE there yet.

Since I got dropped off and picked up from work yesterday, I didn’t even hesitate – I put on my skirt and pumps and didn’t even think about my collection of tights. And it felt (if not a bit chilly) absolutely glorious.

What spring and summer outfit changes are you dying to make?

The story behind my booty engagement ring


Aarron and I got engaged this year, and when we did, we decided that our engagement ring should be something special, unique and super sentimental (because I’m a super softy like that).

The day before Aarron and I started dating, my mom gave me a ring that my dad had made for her. Back in the day, my mom (who is cooler than I’ll ever be) was a scuba diver. She was exploring a Portuguese shipwreck off the coast of Nova Scotia with her scuba crew, fanning the sand. She noticed a sparkle, and found the chipped white topaz, the centre stone of this ring.

To celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, my father took the topaz and had the ring made for my mom. The ring fit my pinky finger, and had a flat, wide band. Aarron and I went to see Corrie from Heavy Metal Design, and she and her incredibly talented team (responsible for making the puzzle piece necklaces worn by the Olympic Gold Medal Canadian women’s hockey team) reworked the band while keeping the head of the ring exactly the same (although re-set all the stones so that they were firmly in place).

I’ve never loved a ring so much in my entire life.

And that’s the story of my booty ring. :)

Hello world!

13ecca Horan:

This is my lovely, talented, creative aunt, who is taking on a sartorial challenge I cannot WAIT to follow! Inspiring me to do my own: “Wear Everything in my Closet Challenge!”

Go Mo, go!

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My name is Mo. I am a typical middle aged female empty nester! A year ago I had a hectic life! My husband and I shared our home with my 91 year old mother (a saint by all accounts), my 24 year old son who graduated with a degree in engineering (Saint-like potential, only because St. Peter needs engineers) and a lovely 15 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever  (who God bred the colour in and left the brains out). By all accounts we were happy and the house was alive!

Now I have a happy home for two.  My husband and I are trying to come to a new normal.

Heidi, the chocolate Labrador left us in December 2013.  She actually started an exodus. I miss her beyond belief.  When I got up in the morning, she was waiting for me, she followed me around until I left for work. She soldiered on during the day looking after…

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Casual Friday

Let’s see if I remember how to do this – Sunglasses: Joe Fresh; Scarf: my mother’s closet; Cardigan: The Gap; Tank: American Apparel; Jeans and boots:

It’s been so long since my last outfit post, it feels strange and unnatural to be posting one. I have Fridays off, and decided today that I should celebrate Friday and sunshine and impending springtime and date night and the weekend with a mani.


I’ve been enjoying wearing these pants with this scarf, and the tank with the cardi, for a two-toned monochrome look. And since my hair is quite a bit redder now than it has been in a long time, I’m loving blues and greens and earth-tones to complement it.

Have a happy Friday, everyone!