Burgundy wrap and gold



Dress: Old Navy; Boots: Locale; Earrings & bracelet: inherited from Granny; Necklace: Vintage from Boutique 1861.

Wrap dresses are the best (except for when one sleeve falls down in every picture but you don’t notice). This burgundy wrap dress fell off my radar for a while, until I was digging through some bins of old clothing and it jumped out at me (because I’m currently obsessed with burgundy). So happy it is back in the rotation!

Post-Thanksgiving Pants



Jogger pants & Blazer: Old Navy; Tank & Scarf: The Gap; Earrings: Brazil (I think); Necklace: Honey Beejoux; Watch: borrowed from future husband; Booties: Toms

Waking up the morning after a Canadian Thanksgiving meal, still full from the generous portions and two servings of dessert, the LAST thing I wanted was to struggle into something form fitting.

Drapey, relaxed, soft pants for the win. They might not be sweat pants, but they’re as good as.

Birthday in Burgundy



Sunnies: Thrifted; Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (Brazil); Bracelet: inherited from granny. Purse: ASOS; Necklace: H&M; Plaid top: Anthropologie; Jeans: Banana Republic; Gold pumps: Rocketdog.

Unfortunately, I didn’t spend my birthday in France. Since birthday and burgundy both start with “B,” I decided burgundy was the perfect birthday colour (plus, I’m in love with the drape of the plaid and never want to take it off).

Future Husband and I went out for dinner, and then to the RWB’s Giselle. All in all, an awesome birthday.

Colour blocked peach, grey, chartreuse



Sweater: Poppie Clothing, gifted; Sunnies: The Closet Chick; Earrings: gift; Pants: Old Navy; Sandals: Aldo.

A good family friend was reducing her wardrobe, and invited me to see if there was anything in the pile that I might want to bring home with me. Uh, yes. This lightweight beauty called my name, and I was super bummed I couldn’t wear it sooner (it is very sheer, and needed to find the right camisole to wear underneath).

I also just got these aviators this weekend, while on an unexpected shopping trip with my mom.

My mom, who is an amazing AMAZING lady, showed up and surprised me when I went on my wedding dress shopping appointment this past weekend (you can see the surprise here – her BFF, the same lovely family friend who gave me this sweater, both helped to organize the surprise and took video of the whole thing). I had NO IDEA she was coming, and seeing her in that store just made me sob, I was so happy. She stayed with Foatographer and I for 3 wonderful, lovely, joy filled days.

Best weekend ever.

Mint, black and silver




Sleeveless button-front: RW&Co; Earrings: Christmas gift; Necklace and bracelet: belonged to my granny; Moonstone ring: some random vendor in Brazil in 1996; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandals: Brown’s.

I love mint with black, one of my favourite pairings. I love how clean and cool it looks for the summer heat. Silver accessories pulled the whole thing together, I found the silver buckles on the shoes stuck out a bit too much without the other pieces.

Not pictured is the deep turquoise wrap I used to keep myself warm at work. Air conditioning! Can’t live without it, but damn do I get chilled sitting in an office chair all day. Starting to implement the habit of going for a 10-15 minute walk when it gets too cold outside – nice break from work, warm air thaws my frozen hands and soak up some incredible sun!

Taupe, white and black




Earrings: gift from my lovely aunts; Silver cuff: belonged to my granny; Taupe drapey jacket: Reitmans; Tee: The Gap; Pencil Skirt: Old Navy; Sandals: Browns.

I read an article recently about interesting ways to pair basics, and they suggested wearing a teeshirt and pencil skirt with a pair of Keds (or similar sneakers). I wasn’t especially feeling like wearing sneakers today, but felt these Birkenstock-inspired leather sandals had a similar casual vibe. Typically when I wear a pencil skirt, I do pair it with something a bit more “office stereotypical” (for instance), but I love this more casual take. The drapey jacket worked with the neutral feeling I was going for and is casual enough that it also worked with the tee and sandals, while still complementing the officey pencil skirt. I would wear a variation on this often – maybe next time with a graphic tee, jeans jacket and wedges.

Green linen, cream, black and pink




Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages; Telescope Necklace: Honey Beejoux; Linen blazer & jeans: Old Navy; Cami: The Gap; Shoes: Havaiana.

This post’s alternate title is: “I really, really, really love this blazer.” I can’t help but gravitate towards it. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and super versatile, I love the springy look and feel of it. Especially when paired with the pink floral shoes and the floaty, lightweight tank, it just screams “spring!” to me. Add some fun gold accessories and a strong berry lip, and I think it is safe to say we’ve got ourselves an outfit.

A while back I won this telescope necklace in a fundraising auction for a local community group. It extends and actually works – the magnification is minimal, but still. A working telescope necklace. My inner nerd is so happy whenever I wear it.